Data Security


Security is top of mind and fundamental to our business.

We work with the most sensitive information, every day.

Thousands of companies and individuals entrust us with information that helps them reach their financial and business goals. Protecting their information and retaining their trust are at the heart of our business—and it’s a responsibility we take very seriously.

When you choose FuturePlan, you gain the protection of Ascensus secure systems, data protection protocols, and backend technologies, the most advanced in the our industry. We go above and beyond what ERISA requires to ensure we take care of the people we serve.

A Security Culture

Secure digital habits and sensitivity to every single piece of information we handle is seamlessly ingrained in our workplace culture.

Our associates go through regular security screenings, attend annual security trainings, are periodically tested throughout the year, and receive frequent briefings on the latest security risks.

We limit and continually audit access to sensitive information on a need-to-know basis, backed up by multiple levels of required logins and management review.

We treat personal client information with the same vigor and care as the intellectual property we use to run our business.

Investment in Security

Security is a cost of doing business and part of our core mission, because the trust of our partners, clients, and stakeholders is paramount.

We invest heavily both in best-in-class technologies and in our people.

Investment in these two areas works in tandem to make our systems and your data safe and secure.

Additional Security Features

Dedicated Security Team
  • We employ a team dedicated solely to implementing, assessing, and monitoring security across our networks and locations.
  • This team’s only function is to ensure data is safe and protected, a standard that is singular among third party administrators across the nation.
  • Data is encrypted during both transmission and storage sensitive information, significantly limiting any chance of unauthorized access.
  • Industry-standard methods like Transport Layer Security (TLS), SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) are standard across all of our networks and locations.
Destruction of Data

We deploy industry-best practices of securely destroying all hardcopy and electronic media containing information that is no longer needed.

Data Loss Prevention

Sophisticated data monitoring tools track and systematically block transmission of sensitive data that is outside the bounds of our security protocol.

Surveillance and Constant Testing

Twenty-four hours a day, every day, we monitor for irregularities across our networks.

  • Our dedicated team scans our system to search and address vulnerabilities, using advanced tools to safeguard the information we hold.
  • Our incident response and escalation protocols allow us to hone in immediately on any concerns across our systems.
  • To provide an extra layer of protection, we contract with outside security firms to perform further vulnerability and penetration tests of our networks.
Firewall Protection

An architecture of multi-layered network and application firewalls provide the highest level of defense, with redundancy systems built throughout.

Business Continuity

With a network of offices and technology infrastructure now nationwide, FuturePlan is well-equipped to provide continuous service in the event of local outages.